The “nubémorphose” of musical consumption practices: the case of music streaming services

In the era of digitamorphosis, a term created to describe changes in consumption as a result of music’s digitization, Louis Melançon has analyzed the transformation of music consumption in the […]

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Issues of the diffusion in the numeric era : a challenge for music organisms

“In the digital era, characterized by multiple platforms, we need to think about how music organizations can develop strategies for diffusion and audience development, while maintaining a fair remuneration for […]

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Learning to play an instrument in the 2.0 era
Krzysztof Chmielewski

The project Play With a Pro offers virtual instrument classes to students. These students benefit from access to recorded masterclasses and a professional framework led by the best music schools […]

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Visualize rhythm in a different way

Though we are familiar with representing the parameters of rhythm on a staff, there are other ways to conceive of it. In this video, you will see that rhythm can […]

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Repetition phenomena explained

Why do we love repetition in music? How does it influence the way we listen to music? This video offers answers to these questions! Source : TED-Ed

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