Telluric music ?

“Residents in Dollard-des-Ormeaux (Québec, Canada) had a strange surprise, on February 21st, when they heard a trumpet sound in the sky,” according to the Montreal Gazette. According to NASA, this […]

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Music made of cerebral activity

A new technology has developed to allow disabled musicians to compose music with the power of their thoughts. The cerebral activity is captured by the platform, and transformed into a […]

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The astronauts of Apollo 10 heard “strange music”

The astronauts of Apollo 10 heard “strange music” on May 10th 1969, while they were behind the moon, without any radio contact. NASA has just released the mysterious recording of […]

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A new technology that ” scans ” audiences

The study of an audiences’s responses to a specific message – commercial, concert, etc. – is now possible with new technology created by the company Brainsights, based in Toronto. One […]

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The ukulele’s influence on social behaviour

Learning to play the ukulele apparently influences the development of social behaviour. Researchers Glenn Schellenberg, Kathleen A. Corrigall, Sebastian P. Dys and Tina Malti confirm this influence in an scientific […]

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